There are many sociopaths walking amongst us, and it’s not usually easy to identify them. So, in a bid to help weed them out, we’ve gathered 13 eating habits for you to look out for. If you know anyone that does more than 7 things on this list, it’s time to call the police.

1. They eat the first and last slices of bread.

There is no reason for any sane person to do this.

2. They prefer firm dodo to soft dodo.

If you prefer the first picture to the second, just report yourself to police.

3. They eat shaki with their eyes wide open.

Don’t you fear God.

4. They actually drink yellow garri.

You’re clearly a cultist.

5. They put their soup and swallow on the same plate.


6. They genuinely like semo and wheat.

How many people have you killed already?

7. They still dip their bread in tea.

At your big age?

8. They actually enjoy eating fruitcake during Christmas.

NOTHING should have these many raisins. EVER.

9. Their favourite Indomie flavour is NOT the green one.

You cannot be trusted.

10. They choose to eat Good Morning cornflakes.

Is your tongue broken?

11. They think puff puff is the best part of small chops.


12. They eat raw tomatoes unprovoked.

Please, go get help.

13. They eat agbalumos like this:


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