What is life if you cannot play around with food and experiment with new things? If you are looking to try new food combinations, look no further. This is the right place to start:

1. Plantain and ice cream.

In case you need past questions:

2. Garri and coffee.

Here’s Astor‘s review of this delicacy:

If you want your stomach uncomfortably full and you also don’t feel like sleeping for some reason, this is the garri combination for you. Just mix your garri the normal way and then add 2 to 8 heaped tablespoons of coffee. It won’t take long before you feel the kick.

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3. Golden Morn and stew

This one is from our book of 7 Things You Can Combine With Golden Morn For A Different Taste. Yorubas who like a dash of pepper with everything, hop on this!

4. Bailey’s and cornflakes.

Thank God there is now sachet Bailey’s, so you can start small to see if your stomach can handle it.

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5. Golden Morn and moi-moi

Here’s how Kunle reviews it:

Just think of it as drinking garri and eating moi moi with it. Besides, moi-moi is made from beans, so it’s technically like eating Golden Morn and beans.

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6. Yam and noodles

indomie noodles and yam weird food combinations that Nigerians love

I’ve tried potatoes and noodles before, so why not?

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7. Ogbono and Egusi

Technically, this is not risky just unconventional. And both soups go well with swallow, don’t they? Why not risk it?

You never know when you’ll achieve your throat-gasm.

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