Nigerians who live in Lagos often confuse living in Lagos as the entire Nigerian experience. But there are many, many great cities in Nigeria, and Jos is one of them.

We have been hearing so many great things about Jos, and we decided to curate some of them.

1. Peace of Mind

If you are tired of Lagos wahala, we hear that Jos is a good place to go and relas and be taken kiarof.

2. Cheap Food

The general consensus is that food is cheap in Jos.

3. High Level of Trust And Compassion

This particular thread on Twitter does a job of highlighting the high level of trust and compassion in Jos.

4. Cold Weather

Jos can get as low as 7 degrees, especially in the months between November and January. But if you’re Canada material and you don’t mind cold, then Jos is a perfect fit.

5. Sweet and Fresh Tomatoes

Heard of the common phrase “Tomato Jos”? Yes, tomatoes can be found aplenty in Jos, including the presence of other fruits and vegetables like apples, strawberries, carrots and peas.

6. Great Landscape

Jos is a city with one of the richest landscapes in Nigeria with the presence of many tabletop mountains and rock formations.

7. The Best Hospitality

Everyone attests to the hospitable in Jos. You should stop by.



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