If I was unsure of the generosity of Nigerians, yesterday at the #EndSARS protests in Lagos proved me wrong. Except for the yoghurt I bought with my own money, I was well fed due to the sacrifice of many Nigerians who took it upon themselves to feed, fuel and energize the rest of us on the frontlines.

If you find yourself at the #EndSARS protests, which I absolutely think you should, these are some of the foods that can make your anger a righteous one. And I’m talking from personal experience.

1. Pizza

Omo, there’s really nothing like shouting #EndSARS with a mouth stuffed with Pizza. Your voice might be muffled, but your anger is not because you’re hungry, at least.

Meanwhile, I had a nasty Pizza at the protests yesterday. Thanks to @flyestkaren on Twitter.

2. Coconut Chips

You know it’s a tasty coconut chips when your guy goes looking for it, too. I have forgotten the brand now, but yes, that coconut chips was proper.

If you can, grab one to rejig yourself when the “End” in your “EndSARS” chant is fading away because the organisms shouting in your stomach just won’t end.

3. Yoghurt

Good old, ice-cold Superyogo hardly goes wrong. I was surprised it goes for ₦200 now (these Buhari times), but yeah, it calmed my senses at the time I was already running a temperature.

4. Spaghetti and Chicken

I was too everywhere to enjoy this meal, but yeah, it was worth it by a mile. I hope you found yourself at a protest location that is well funded so you can enjoy meals like this. If not, you can switch from Ikorodu to say, Lekki. All na #EndSARS.

5. Water

Yeah, there’s hardly anything more common at an #EndSARS protest than water. There’s lot of it, and you should drink lots of it. You don’t want to be crying #EndSARS instead of shouting because you’re dehydrated.

PS: You might end up pissing in front of big buildings like the Lagos State House of Assembly or the Deputy Governor’s house if you drink too much water. But that’s a big W if you ask me.

(Child: Daddy what did you do when you were young?

You: I pissed in front of the Deputy Governor’s house, duh.)

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