People and friends of Zikoko, sources are saying we need a party.

But not just any party — we need a Z! Fest party.

We’re back again with your favourite festival by Zikoko! And this year, the theme is Class of 2022. What’s that? Let’s get into it.

We spent about a month thinking through reasons to have a party this year. We did a thing in 2021 and the audience loved it. Then we threw the hottest party just for women in May. It made sense for us to bring out the party guns one more time.

From Asake dropping hits, like his housing status is at risk, to the naira falling more times than our national grid, we realised, we need a party. Who’s “we” this time? All of us — those who hit some hard milestones this year and even those who were just there — we have to end the year with a bang — party — Z! Fest.

What makes a Z! Fest Party

This year, Z! Fest is highlighting music, games, food and drinks — everything that made 2022 worthwhile.

Our music lineup features people you likely ran into on a playlist this 2022 or you’re bound to jam in the new year. We’ve got Ayra Starr, Yinka Bernie, Dwin the Stoic, YKB and other artists showcasing the best of their genres this 2022.

If you’ve been to a Zikoko party, you also know we’re all about games and having the most fun. I’m proud to tell you, we’re coming clutch again this time. There’ll be board games, life-sized games, games curated around Zikoko content (relationships, money, memes…) and our classic cup pong.

A highlight is our dance studio. If you want a dance competition with your friends while listening to music only you can hear, come through. You’ll find silent disco, waist whining and karaoke.

And if you thought that was all the dancing there was, you’d be wrong because we’ve locked down the best DJs, which we’ll unveil soon.

And finally, it’s not a festival without some signs of festivity. We’ve got body painters, tattoo artists and jugglers. We’re still unsure about fire-breathers. Should we be playing with fire in Lagos? Let us know. 

At this point, all I can say is, we take our fun and partying seriously. You should come experience it.

Date is November 26th, 2022

Time is 3 p.m.

You see that date? Salary earners, no excuse not to make this. Non-salary earners, come unwind on the bank of salary-earning family and friends. Everyone deserves, and everyone will get, this party.

Pro tip: Look out for corners where we bring Zikoko to you.



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