You’ve heard of Batman, Catwoman, and Antman. Now, let me introduce you to the Owlman, Olusehinde Elijah Kolawole, founder and CEO of Owlet. Like an Owl at night, Kolawole sees many things clearly, and as a smart Owl, he has gathered his observations to make a plan for the future. In his case, Kolawole has created Owlet, an ever-expanding suite of solutions for e-commerce and other digital needs. 

Born in 1995 in the bustling city of Lagos, Kolawole was baptised into commerce in the bustling markets of the city. One of his earliest memories was helping his aunt at her market stall. Watching the market come alive around him every day and witnessing the inefficiencies and struggles of traditional commerce first-hand, helped shape his desire to contribute to the business world. He saw the challenges of the traditional way of doing business and being an astute observer, he was inspired to think differently. These foundational experiences set the stage for Kolawole’s transformative journey to witness and drive change.

The desire to observe and build solutions led him to study Mathematics and Mathematics Education at Osun State University. Recognising the need for a global perspective, he furthered his academic journey at the University of Stirling, Scotland, obtaining a Master’s degree in Mathematics and Data Science.

Building The Owlet and More

Women of Owlet

Gathering lessons from his rich life experiences and observations, Kolawole decided to build his own path instead of seeking refuge in established organisations. Under The Owlet Limited, Kolawole has spread his business wings and built an all-encompassing suite of digital solutions. First came The Owlet in 2020. The Owlet Online is a social media marketing (SMM) and reseller platform that helps users boost their online presence. The Owlet Online offers resellers unmatched order fulfilment speed coupled with unparalleled SMM and search engine optimization (SEO) services, all without compromising on quality or affordability.

Next came Quickshop, (formerly the Owletapp) in 2021. With Quickshop sellers and shoppers can connect easily and more efficiently. It is not merely a commerce tool but a seamless digital nexus connecting businesses and customers. 

This visionary approach to e-commerce earned Kolawole the “ICT Brand of the Year” at the 2021 International Mentor Awards. This award wasn’t just an acknowledgement of The Owlet’s impact but a nod to Kolawole’s intrinsic business talents.

Cross-section of Flyt (Formerly Owletride) drivers

2023 has also been a year of intense growth at Owlet Limited. This year alone, the company has launched; STRIX, a tech hub and go-to destination for cutting-edge technology at your fingertips; Flyt (formerly Owlet ride), a transportation booking platform designed for the African landscape; Owletpay and ChequeMate for seamless financial payments and digital banking needs; and Lyt the soundcloud of Africa. Lyt is a music platform for budding talents in the music industry to upload and stream their music.

Today The Owlet is not just a digital platform but rather a radical rethinking of traditional commerce, born from the challenges Kolawole has surmounted throughout his business life. Olusehinde Elijah Kolawole is not just a name but a symbol of groundbreaking innovation in the African digital realm. Equipped with skills ranging from sales to organisational prowess, he stands out as an unparalleled leader in his domain.

What has fuelled Kolawole’s journey so far is his dedication to nurturing and uplifting various sectors of the African landscape and doing this with teamwork. He believes in the power of collaboration to bring ideas to life faster and smoother. He is creating value and meaningful impact while also surrounding himself with and empowering a team of young go-getters at The Owlet. His goal is to reshape commerce in Africa by making it more efficient, safe, and in tune with the times. Olusehinde Elijah Kolawole is more than an entrepreneur. He is a visionary, a changemaker, and a pioneer whose indomitable spirit continues to reshape Africa’s digital horizon, making commerce more accessible and efficient for all. As the CEO of The Owlet, he has sculpted a transformative path, making him an emblematic figure in the world of tech and digital solutions. 

You can find the Owlet on Twitter, Instagram, or on the web here.



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