Hey Z Nation, have you heard? Sparkle will be Live at the biggest women’s festival of the year!!! 

That’s right, we’re thrilled to announce to you that Sparkle Bank is one of the sponsors of the HERtitude Festival happening on the 27th of May. Word on the street is that they’ve got some seriously great stuff planned for all the amazing ladies that will be attending. 

Wait, you haven’t heard about Sparkle? 

Chelsea come on nau, you better not be living under a rock. 

Sparkle is the digital bank everyone’s raving about. Sparkle helps you do what you want to do when you want to do it, with simple and fun financial solutions. 

Check out the Sparkle app! 

Seriously though, how you bank really matters. With Sparkle, you can send money without asking for an account number, pay bills, split ’em with your buddies, and even save for multiple goals at the same time and earn interest on your savings

That’s not all, you can make anonymous payments, and even ask your friends for urgent 2k without having those awkward convos. Amazing, right? Well, let’s get down to business! 

Sparkle Business is the business banking side of Sparkle. You can easily create a business account in just five minutes and access amazing tools to help you seamlessly manage your daily business operations. These tools include inventory management, payroll, taxation, invoicing, and more – all available in one place. 

…and now, to the star of the show! 

Want to know our favorite thing about Sparkle? It’s the Sparkle debit card. Like seriously, have you seen any other debit card that hooks you up with up to a 15% discount when you’re out shopping or dining? If you have, come and take my HERtitude ticket. 

Whenever you use your Sparkle card at outlets like NOK by Alara, The House Lagos, Bayroot, Just Paint NG, The Dew Centre, The Wine Lab, The Nail Boutique, and a bunch of other places, you get to enjoy great discounts which means you get to pay less on your bills. How cool is that? 

Don’t miss out on the fun! Pull up with other hot babes and stop by the Sparkle Stand at HERtitude to win some free gifts! Yep! There’s a free gift for everyone who shows up with a funded Sparkle account. Gifts like Cash, Sparkle Swag, Dinner vouchers, Internet Data and more. 

And don’t forget to bring your Sparkle Card too! You’ll need it to buy all those yummy snacks and treats sold by vendors. Trust us, you don’t want your boring old debit card ruining your good time. Payments with Sparkle Card are super-fast, reliable, and won’t kill your vibe. 

Click here to get the Sparkle app and request your card now. 

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