Picture this scenario: you’re nervous, there are just three games left on your 15-game accumulator, and the potential payout is just shy of N8 million. As your heart pounds with the possibility of ending the day millions richer than you started it, you reflect on how this happened. If you win, a mere N100 will be deducted from your win, but if you lose, it’s essentially a Free bet.

And what’s even better? We know exactly how it felt because we were right there.

To answer one question, the answer is BetKing’s Free bet, and we’ll tell you exactly how that went at the conclusion of this article.

But first off…

Why we picked BetKing

They first came to our attention via the viral JayJay Okocha ad where he danced so delightfully. And when they recently announced partnerships with Broda Shaggi and Tobi Bakre, their two new Brand Ambassadors, we decided to check out their website and products. Naturally, when we discovered the “Free bet” bonus, we just HAD to try that out.

Risk is a big part of life that everyone experiences at some point. Unfortunately, that risk can also come with varying levels of stress. This is why any (legal) situation that reduces risk is always welcome. In this case, we saw the chance to place a bet with a high upside and zero downside and took it.

Trying out Free Bet

With competitive club Football on the back burner for another month, viable online sports betting opportunities have been few and far between. Luckily, we discovered BetKing’s generous freebies and assortment of amazing products.

Using BetKing’s Free bet was simple enough: we visited the BetKing mobile website, created an account and accessed Free bet on our profile page. Luckily, we didn’t have to wait long to test it out. Some days later, we received a text message saying that our account had been credited with a Free bet, verified the info by checking our FreeBet tab, and we were good to go.

Free bet Conditions

Just like with any other promotion, Free bet also has some conditions punters have to meet. Here are some of those conditions:

  • While you can enjoy an acca bonus of as much as 225% on Sportsbook and a 40% acca bonus for Virtual bets, you cannot cashout any bets placed with Free bet. The only option is to let the bets you have placed play out.
  • There’s a validity period for Free bet. Ensure that you use it within that period so that it doesn’t expire.
  • Free bet wallets are not the same as the usual Bet wallet. It’s only when you place a bet with money from Free bet and win that money gets credited to your main wallet.
  • If you place a bet with Free bet and win, the value of the Free bet will be deducted from your eventual win. If your bet is unsuccessful, however, nothing gets deducted.
  • You can only use the Free bet in one go. For example, if you get N200, you cannot split that into two bets of N100 each. The whole N200 has to be wagered in one go.

And several other conditions. For a full list of conditions that need to be met to enjoy BetKing’s Free bet, visit the Terms and Conditions page.

How our bet went

We eventually lost the bet, but we’ll definitely try again the next time we’re credited with a Free bet. and hopefully, we’ll go a step further and actually win some money this time.

If your bet predictions are usually correct, this is your chance. Sign up with BetKing today and give yourself a real chance at becoming the latest millionaire in town and who knows, you could be their next big winner!



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