From ‘Double wahala’ in 2018 to ‘Shine ya eye’ in 2021, BBNaija housemates have consistently fed viewers with the best peppered sauce on reality TV. What typically starts with drama in the house, cooked from failed relationships, betrayal, and a clash of egos, culminates in amazing friendships and long lasting feuds outside the House – all fueled by the highly invested fanbase. 

Although still in its early stages, the 2022 ‘Level up’ experience looks to be equally exciting as previous seasons, as housemates continue to surprise fans of Africa’s most popular TV reality show! Check out the highlights from the past month below!

New season, new twists!

This season took on a new twist from prior seasons. A total of 24 housemates were admitted and divided into two houses (Level 1&2), which fans on #TwitterNaija dubbed “Island & Trenches”. 

@mosvinbami seemed to enjoy all the drama both houses offered.

The “Tail of House” title was also given to the least performing housemate during the Head of House games, which Phyna “won” twice in a row. Impressive!

Love trapeziums and sailing/sinking ‘ships’ 

Among the reasons fans on #TwitterNaija love the reality show are the relationship dynamics that are always at play. Many fans pointed out how quickly housemates fell in love and the lengths they go to protect said love; sometimes to the point of forfeiting the grand prize. 

Did you see what Beauty did because of Groovy? Some fans thought it went too far.

Meanwhile, other fans thought Groovy was too quick to move on from Beauty with Phyna. 

So far, the longest ‘ship’ is what Bella and Sheggzy have got going. Well, that ‘ship’ has also been hitting some icebergs recently. Folks on #TwitterNaija believe Sheggzy has been acting up since Bella showed interest in him. 

Side note: the ‘ship’ that is becoming popular lately is that of Hermes and Allysyn, but let’s see how far this can sail!

The elite fake housemate game!

Ok, BBN introduced more twists this year! This time, fake housemates have been sent on a mission to sink ships! Chizzy, especially, has been a crowd pleaser as he’s mastered the art of deception and seems to derive pleasure in carrying out Biggie’s secret tasks.

In a recent twist, Modella was evicted from the house and left the housemates stunned after they realised she was a fake housemate. What they don’t know is that there are two others who are set to cause even more trouble in the house.

BBN’s earliest disqualification  

Former beauty queen, Beauty got #TwitterNaija in a frenzy over repeated displays of aggressive behaviour which earned her three strikes, leading to an early disqualification. This is the earliest disqualification a housemate has received, with just 14 days in the house. 

Remember the ‘situationship’ with Groovy? Fans on Twitter thought that might’ve contributed to Beauty losing focus.

When Island meets Trenches

For more drama and plot twists, Big Brother decided to merge the level 1 and 2 housemates into one house. So, we no longer have the housemates divided into ‘island’ and ‘trenches.’ #TwitterNaija was excited as this adds new twists and allows for more drama. Now the real games begin! 

Surprise eviction 

With six nominations, Amaka became the eighth housemate to be evicted from the game, missing out on a chance to compete for the coveted grand prize of N100 million. This was a surprise twist from Biggie, as he called the housemates for immediate eviction nominations, and Amaka was the victim. 

As her eviction was announced she mumbled “I knew it, I knew it,” as though she was expecting it. Well, Daniel Regha has a ‘theory’.

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