Every year, across the globe, men with facial hair celebrate their chin fur on World Beard Day: the first Saturday in September. 

Jameson has continually championed the causes of alternative communities from creatives in the alte scene to men who choose to keep their facial hair. Since 2017, the smooth whiskey brand has celebrated World Beard Day through its #JamesonBeardDay campaign. Jameson highlights members of the community, creating a platform for them to express themselves. bond and connect with each other.

This year, Jameson celebrates World Beard Day by bringing together bearded brothers, their unbearded admirers, and for the first time – brands owned by and catering to members of this community. Bearded Genius, Wolfxgroomingng, Jeffbankz. co beard grooming, Binxys beard, Kayzplace Barbershop, New York Grooming co and Marley Men’s grooming.

Ahead of World Beard Day, #JamesonBeardDay took place in Ikeja, to bring bearded brothers, beard brands, aspiring bearded brothers, and their admirers together. The event saw hundreds of bearded men come together to share their beard stories and have a good time with smooth Jameson cocktails, fun games, yummy food, and amazing music.. 

To those who stay true to themselves and their identity, it’s time to join the conversation and share your stories this #WorldBeardDay. 

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Jameson is a triple distilled Irish Whiskey that should be enjoyed responsibly by people over 18.



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