Planet Bottling Company, in partnership with Monarch Beverages, has launched its latest product, American Cola in Nigeria. The collaboration stays true to the companies’ promise of providing quality and affordable drinks to Nigerian consumers who can now experience an exciting new thirst for difference with American Cola!

About American Cola

American Cola has its roots in Atlanta, USA, the original birthplace of cola. Its authentic taste has delighted consumers in more than 20 countries on 3 different continents, making it one of the top international colas and the 3rd most distributed cola in sub-Saharan Africa.

American Cola is made using carefully selected ingredients and state-of-the-art production processes, ensuring that each bottle is of the highest quality. 

Proudly made in Nigeria by Planet Bottling Company, American Cola is a drink that speaks directly to individuals who take pride in carving their own path and the ones who are unafraid to chase their dreams with zeal. American Cola sees itself as a force of inspiration, igniting and unleashing the potential and gifts of Nigerians who dare to reach for the stars.

About Planet Bottling Company

Planet Bottling Company has set out to produce quality beverages and contribute excellence to the Nigerian production while actively ensuring consumers remember us by the value we provide, the unique taste and design of our products.

We set up a factory in Ogun State, Nigeria installed with high ultra-modern production capacity to meet the growing demand for quality and value in the Nigerian market.

At Planet Bottling Company, we are committed to providing the best quality product for our customers. We understand that Nigerians are looking for beverages that are not only affordable, but also provide quality taste and American Cola is the perfect combination of both.



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