Football and basketball are two sports I always look forward to. The dribble, the thrill of scoring, and the cheering for my team, creates a level of excitement that I can’t explain. Experiencing this again at the just concluded game organized by CMT Finesse, sponsored by my best Nigerian digital bank; gomoney, the bank you deserve, was so satisfying. 

First off, I didn’t even know that Abuja has so many world-class football players, no cap. It’s not only Alte artists and Aso-Rock babies we have, don’t drag me abeg but the way the coaches and players were gingering each other, it felt like a movie. It was too sweet! The basketball game, on the other hand, got me so hyped I almost thought it was a live NBA competition.  I’ve never been this pumped at any basketball game. There was something electrifying about witnessing the swishes and slam dunks from the teams in person. The ambience of the Mo Arena too was exhilarating. You’d almost think you were at the NBA championships.

Simply put, both tournaments had me screaming and stomping my feet so hard that people kept giving me bombastic side eye, like “oga no spoil our grass”. Another thing I can’t but mention is how gomoney was able to show that they are really the bank young people can count on. I’ve used the bank for a while, and its features are super functional, but supporting activities that aren’t necessarily finance-inclined – like sports, showed how interested they are in making an impact in young people’s ambitions. Basically, their participation at the event was a nod to a respect for sports, and Nigeria’s young demographic. To be honest, they clearly seem like a bank made for digital natives and tech-savvy youngsters; they have shown this through previous sponsorships, with Zikoko’s HERtitude’23 being a recent one. The energy at the games and leading conversations attest to this.

Think about it, they want to help you manage your finances, live your soft life and enjoy what you’re passionate about. I’m definitely curious to see more gomoney sponsored events in Abuja. At least, the Lagos cool kids will see that we do more than just hang out at parks and gardens. Again, please nobody should drag me.

Overall, it’s safe to conclude that basketball and football games sponsored by gomoney ignited my love for sports in an unforgettable way, and gomoney again, backed up its reputation as the bank we all deserve. So, if you want to bank on gomoney, you know the drill; download the app from your Google Play Store or iOS app store and let’s get this started.



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