Forget curated feeds and filtered personas, Port Harcourt’s rising star, Rukmani, is blowing up the internet with her electrifying new single, No Social Media. But this isn’t just a catchy song; it’s a bold manifesto for embracing your true self, flaws and all, in a world obsessed with online perfection.

Rukmani’s journey is far from ordinary, drawing inspiration from the vibrant energy of her hometown and the soulful styling of her timeless voice. She crafts music that resonates deeply with her audiences. 

Rukmani’s lyrics pulsate with raw authenticity, rejecting societal expectations and celebrating individuality. In No Social Media, she declares, “I ain’t going through the media no more,” urging listeners to break free from the pressure to conform and embrace their unique spark. It’s a powerful anthem for anyone who’s ever felt suffocated by online validation.

But Rukmani’s music isn’t just about rebellion. It’s also about self-love and empowerment. Tracks like “Gateway Drug” showcase her sultry vocals and blend genres effortlessly, creating a sound that’s both familiar and fresh. Whether she’s singing about love, chasing dreams, or simply being unapologetically herself, Rukmani’s music leaves a lasting impression.

With No Social Media, Rukmani isn’t just dropping a single; she’s starting a movement. It’s a call to action for everyone to unplug from the noise, tune into their inner voice, and rewrite their own narrative. Are you ready to join the revolution?

Listen to No Social Media on here.

Follow her on social media: @Rukmanisoftie #NoSocialMedia.



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