“I’ve hated exams since I was a child. Studying Law just made the hate a whole lot deeper. All my courses are 4 units so I know if I fail, I’m finished. When I sit in the exam hall, it seems like everything just goes away and I’m in a blank slate until I get myself again.”

“One time in 100-level, I looked at the questions and assumed I didn’t know anyone so I started crying. Nobody saw me, and I just cried for a long time. When I was tired, I stopped and did the exam, I didn’t fail.”

“The most dramatic thing I did during exams was when I wanted to write Contract Law. I sat in my room on the day of the exams and started crying. But that wasn’t enough, so I broke my chain. But even that wasn’t enough, so I cut my hair for the first time since I was a child. When I got into the exam hall, I cried some more, and then I wrote my exam. I didn’t fail.”



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