There is a lot that goes into being a student — you go to class, study, and write exams. Now, exams are not fun and can send even the most brilliant student into a frenzy, making them try impossible things in a bid to study for extra hours and get as much information as they can. Really, the fear of failure can make people do the weirdest things. If you studied in a Nigerian university or any other tertiary institution, you must have done or seen people do one of these things:

1. Setting multiple alarms

A lot of students cannot trust themselves to wake up during the night to study, so they put their hopes on the alarm features of their phones. If you check their phones, you will see a string of alarms, set 15-30 minutes apart. 

2. Downing cups of coffee

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Caffeine is a drug a lot of students can’t get enough off, and it looks like coffee is a good source of it. As far as most students are concerned, a cup (or more) of scalding hot coffee is everything they need to stay awake and pull an all-nighter.

3. Drinking bottles of coke

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Again, caffeine is in high demand. For those who can’t stand the taste of coffee, a bottle of coke or more is what they go for.

4. Chewing gum

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Apparently, you stand a better chance of staying awake for longer periods of time if you work your jaw on something.  It would be weird to grind the teeth against themselves, so lots of students settle for chewing gum. Some even argue that it helps them concentrate and retain information better, but what do I know?

5.Burying both legs inside a bucket of water

This one is straight-up hilarious. Some sets of students put their faith in a bucket filled with water for studying purposes. All they have to do is to bury both feet inside the water and they can stay awake for as long as they want. Never seen it worked for anyone, but who knows?

6. Staying in mosquito-infested areas

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Usually, people try to avoid these horrible creatures, but when push comes to shove for students, they risk coming down with a fever and spend their time where mosquitos have a free-rein. There’s only so much sleep you can get when mosquitos yap into your ear every second and land on your skin to get themselves a meal. It’s the absolute ghetto, but the end justifies the means, I guess. 


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