As a typical Nigerian student, you:

1. Hear that school has resumed for the semester

Nigerian Student
Back to school beeches!

2. Check the semester timetable and see that exams are still far

What’s school life without a little fun, eh?

3. Relax and go to do other stuff

I’m passing through university. Let the university life pass through me too pls

4. Middle of semester, you notice that exams are drawing nearer and nearer


5. Anyway, you promise to start next week

There’s still time

Meanwhile lecture notes, term papers, reports, etc. looking at you like:

6. Next week comes and you promise to start studying the next week


Finished man.

7. Repeat (6) until exam week

Village people
‘s work rate >>>

8. Exam week arrives

And you photocopy notes and start trying to cram 1,000 pages in night class

Meanwhile, spirit of sleep:

You dunno why is going on.

9. Exam day, you in the exam hall:

Egungun wasn’t careful.

Looking at the exam booklet like:

Sir pls these questions weren’t in the material o.

Meanwhile your friend who claimed she hadn’t studied:

It be your own people.

10. You write with vibes and inshallah and wait for exam results

Holy Father…

11. Anyway, after every every, you manage to pass

Bow down beeches!

12. Then you promise to be a better student next semester

Nigerian student preparing for exams

I don’t think you have the facilities for that, big man.



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