University of Lagos

“Your graduation year is just a suggestion.”

“For the pursuit of second class upper because A is for God”

University of Ibadan

“We’re older than the Nigeria that’s been showing you shege. What do you think we’ll show you?”

University of Ilorin

“We say ‘Better by far’ but we really mean ‘Better by stress’”

“Struggle to get in; struggle to get out”

“Forget what you heard, we strike harder than thunder”

“Welcome to a life-long abusive partnership”

Obafemi Awolowo University

“For learning and suffering”

“You think you like BDSM? Think again.”

Covenant University

“You think you have rights? LMAO”

“Even if you call us a prison, we’re still the best one”

Lagos State University

“At least, you’re in Lagos”

“Don’t get too attached to your school fees. People change”

Babcock University

“Struggle today, struggle tomorrow, struggle till you graduate”

Crawford University

“Forget the cute name, there’s a church service every day.”

Redeemer’s University

“In God we trust. Everybody else must bring money”

Ahmadu Bello University

“Forget the education. Come for the connections”

University of Port Harcourt

“For those who love living dangerously”

University of Benin

“The peak of your terrible life choices”

“Your life will flash before your eyes”

Unviersity of Nigeria

“Where Nigeria itself learned how to dish out shege”

“F is our favourite letter. It’ll be yours too”

Afe Babalola Univeristy

“For the bragging rights”

Usman Danfodio University, Sokoto

“If the stress doesn’t melt your brain, the sun will”

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