Examination timetables signal the beginning of a difficult couple of weeks for Nigerian students. Exams are not fun for a lot of students, so they push the dreadful thought that comes with them to the back of their minds until the release of the timetable, which is when they realise that everything just got real. This unlocks the different personalities of these students, and if you look closely, you might have noticed one or more of the following reactions.

The Grumblers

Nigerian students

Apparently, some students think that the timetable and the accompanying exam are spawned from the pits of hell, and they don’t even attempt to hide their displeasure towards the timetable. They have issues with the exams schedule — the number of exams they would write in a day or week and would (usually) go on a rant on how the school is trying to kill them.

The Prayer warriors

Nigerians students praying

Their motto is “With God, all things are possible.”  They descend into rounds of prayers the moment it’s confirmed that exams are indeed starting. As far as they’re concerned, they will be fine because “God cannot shame them.” 

The “where-did-time-go” group

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The timetable release put these students into a fit and they blank out momentarily because they start to wonder why time flew so fast. They can’t figure out how it’s exam time already when the semester only started about two weeks earlier.

The protesters

Nigerian students protesting

You will usually find these Nigerian students in Nigeria public universities. They’re never ready to write the exams — like most people, to be honest — but they take their irritation up a notch and hope that they can stall the school calendar to buy themselves more time. If they could, they will protest about something related to welfare and blow it out of proportion to force the school’s hand to shut academic activities down for a bit. Other times — if they’re lucky — ASUU will go on a strike.

The unbothered

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These ones can’t let something as fleeting like as exams prevent them from living their best lives. They take the news calmly and immediately become accept the reality that they might need to intensify their studying efforts. Then they get to work.

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