Four Stages of University Relationships

October 22, 2019

Your parents had a lot to tell you when you were going off to the university, but the one thing they kept hammering on was the need for you to face your academics squarely and not allow some boy or girl to make you lose focus. Deep inside you were like LOL. You had a lot of exploring to do, and you would be damned if you let your parents, who wouldn’t be there, by the way, stop you. You were on a mission to meet the love of your life.

And yes, you tried to do that. But most of them followed a pattern, something like this:

The Introduction

The universe brought you together; that was the only way to explain it. You didn’t understand how, but the readings were off the charts. Contact was made and numbers were exchanged. Subsequently, there were lots of late-night calls and texts, evening walks, and a load of spontaneous stuff.

The Honeymoon

You had gone out a couple of times, and every date had been near perfect. You were almost inseparable now. Your friends knew you were a thing already, and you wouldn’t have it any other way.

The Doses of Reality

You had your first fight. You made up. The second one happened, you made up still. But things were not as smooth as they used to be. You were always at each other’s throat now, finding faults in almost everything. You tried to work things out every time, but the routine was becoming way tiresome. You wondered what the attraction was in the first place. Slowly, you began to realise how much you’d played yourselves.

The Big Fall-Out

It turned out that the fights you had earlier were preparing you for the big one. This was the grand finale; the sum total of every shit you’d made each other go through. You decided to talk it out like the adults you were. By the end of the conversation, the words were said: “I think you are amazing, but we need to take a break”

And that was it. Hearts were broken. Your parents were right. But hey, it was fun while it lasted, and so did the others.

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