If your roommates hate you, you’re in deep shit. Which is why as the sweethearts we are, we’ve decided to tell you how to make sure this never happens to you.

Lay their beds

Sometimes, your roommates are late for lectures, or just too tired to lay their beds. Being the nice person you are, you should do it for them. If they don’t already like you, trust us, they’ll love you after this. 

Share your allowance with them

God would love you for being a cheerful giver, but do you know who’d love you more? Your roommates

Do their assignments for them 

Because you’re selfless, and you want your roommates to like you, after doing your assignments, ask if they have any assignments you can help them with. 

Cook for them 

Everyone loves free food. Your roommates would adore and kill you with hugs if you cook for them. When you come back from your classes, head straight to the kitchen, whip up a nice meal, and serve it to them on a platter.

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Fetch water for them 

We all know how Nigerian school hostels are; sometimes, the taps don’t run. Go out of your way by making sure your roommates’ buckets are always filled. How you’ll do it, we don’t, but just imagine the look on their faces when they see you’ve filled their buckets for them when they wake up in the morning. 

Don’t stay in the room

Distance makes the heart grow fonder. If your roommates don’t see you every day, they might miss you and be nice to you when they finally return. So please, don’t spend too much time in your room. 

Don’t touch their stuff

People hate nothing more than when you touch their stuff, so please, respect yourself, and leave their property alone. 

Be funny, but not too funny

Everybody loves a clown, but let’s be honest, it gets to a point where it’s just tiring. What we’re trying to say is, to know when to shut up and stop being funny.

Don’t be too loud

Noisemakers are annoying because why are they always shouting? Just be calm, and your roommates will instantly love you — except you live with agberos sha.



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