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It took two years after Ben* (38) found out about Debby* (35)’s HIV status for them to date. Now, they’ve been married for four years. On this week’s Love Life, they share why it took so long and how they navigate intimacy and fertility with the virus.
May 16, 2024
Segun (30) and Anu (26) have been dating for a year now. In this week’s #ZikokoLoveLife, they talk about how Anu fell for Segun when they first met, why they've always wanted to work with their future partners, and how lucky they are that they get to do it as their goals are aligned.
May 2, 2024
Lase and Doris (both 30) met in Canada shortly post-japa in 2022. On this week’s Love Life, they talk about starting off as housemates in a small apartment, helping each other through extreme loneliness and how navigating celibacy together transitioned into a relationship.
April 18, 2024
John (67) met Funmi (59) when she was an undergraduate in 1986. John is a Catholic Christian and Funmi is a devout Muslim. On this week’s Love Life, they share how they were casual about their religions before marriage. Ten years later, they became more religious but have still had no issues staying in love.
April 11, 2024