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John (67) met Funmi (59) when she was an undergraduate in 1986. John is a Catholic Christian and Funmi is a devout Muslim. On this week’s Love Life, they share how they were casual about their religions before marriage. Ten years later, they became more religious but have still had no issues staying in love.
April 11, 2024
Ebiye* (24) and Toun* (21) have been together since 200 level in 2021, but their relationship gives “friends with benefits” a new meaning. On this week’s Love Life, they share how like turned to lust instead of love, how sex keeps them from depression, and why her mum got her birth control implants.
March 7, 2024
When Yemi* (41) and Joy* (43) started dating in 2015, they had no idea the other person was queer until they became best friends. On this week’s Love Life, they share how their relationship survived the discovery, why they decided to marry anyway and how they figured out the “having kids” part of being married.
January 18, 2024
Izzy (29) and Jemima (30) have been married for three years, dated for two and were friends for almost a decade before that. This week on Love Life, they talk about their mutual crush in secondary school, stepping out of each other’s friend zone and not conforming to society’s rules on marriage.
December 14, 2023
Love Life: Our Secrecy Is Part of the Spice in Our Relationship
Dave (33) met Kene (35) at a restaurant in 2017 when he didn’t have enough to pay for his meal. On this week’s Love Life, they talk about staying friends for three years out of fear of coming out to each other, and keeping their relationship secret from everyone for the last three years — including Dave’s four-year girlfriend.
November 9, 2023