It wasn’t up to a year ago when Cyril Osim Ndifon, a professor of law at UNICAL was called out for sexually assaulting and being a general terror to his female students for years. 

This revelation and a 2023 of back-to-back sexual harassment exposures led us to put together a timeline that went back to the early 2000s with more than 20 high-profile cases, mostly students as victims of their lecturers’ inappropriate advances and often ending in silence.

Another sex-for-grades situation

On May 26, 2024, X user CHIKAMMA (@AlexVivyNnabue) called out her former UNIBEN philosophy lecturer, Dr Tony Asekhuno, accusing him of rape. Her tweet opened the floodgates of accusations from the lecturer’s other alleged victims. 

According to their tweets, he’d fail his victims if they refused to date, get intimate with him or follow him to the “staff club”. And sometimes, he’d rape them.

He was called out five years ago

But CHIKAMMA’s call-out started years ago when she posted a thread of screenshots in 2019. The screenshots appear to be WhatsApp messages sent from a male friend who was forced to drop out. The same lecturer insisted on sex for grades, hinting that his harassment wasn’t limited to his female students. 

The long thread also details his inclination to spike students’ drinks. And apparently, the UNIBEN management was aware of his bad behaviour but did nothing.  

Many more accusations

In the last three days, multiple X users have shared their experiences of varying levels of abuse from the lecturer. The public has called for further investigation by the relevant law enforcement and justice for the victims.

We have contacted the original accuser, CHIKAMMA, for more details to increase the chances of legal action. This is a developing story.

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