Wake up to a picture of 2face every morning

Your journey is long, so you need to take inspiration from the greats that have come before you.

Know why you’re doing it

Are you bored? Do you want money? Better sex? Or do you just not have sense? Whatever it is, at least know why so when your partner catches you, you won’t blame the devil.

Gauge how wicked you want to be

Know how far you’re willing to go with your infidelity. We’re big advocates of punching above your weight, so we’ll advise you to put in your best.

Stay focused

Don’t get distracted by guilt, because you don’t need it. Clearly, your conscience isn’t in the front seat here, it’s probably not even in the car.  Why let it distract you?

Do normal, don’t be extra sweet after cheating

This is how people get caught. There’s a chance that you’ll feel the need to send random “I love you so much” texts to your partner to ease the guilt. Don’t. Carry your cross in peace.

When you’re caught, say it’s the devil’s work

Of course, the devil put you naked in bed with “a friend”.

And don’t mention Zikoko’s name

What’s our own in this, please? We respect your relationship only as much as you do. We’ll deny you if you mention our name.

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