We like to think February is the month of love, but deep down, we all know it’s December. Everyone’s spreading good cheer, the lovers come out in their full matching PJ gear, and at least 10 couples get married every other day. 

So, if you’re still looking for love and someone to wear matching PJs with, we’ve made a list of all the places you can find them.

The market

You can tell a lot about a person from the things they buy and the way they haggle prices in the market. So, the next time you make the long trek to your neighbourhood market, keep your eyes and your ears open for the possiblelove of your life. Just make sure they’re not the one pricing spaghetti from ₦700 to ₦200, you will hear it.

A concert

If you really think about it, you’ll be killing two birds with one stone. You pay an insane amount of money to vibe and have funwith your favourite artist.  But you might also meet the love of your life while at it. If you don’t believe us, look at this couple that met at a gospel concert.

Family house

Think about it; whoever you meet at your family’s house  most likely already know your parents or their parents know your parents, which means they’ll think twice before doing dumb shit to break your heart. Give it a try.

NYSC camp

There’s no sense of camaraderie as strong as the one you get when you and a total stranger complain for hours about any and everything.Trust us, once you get into camp, you’ll have an endless amount of things to complain about. Wouldn’t it be great if the love of your life came from that process?


You’re probably in traffic half the time, so scribble your number on the back and sides of your car and see if you don’t end the year with a lover in your arms.

Big Brother’s house

This might not work for you this year, but have you seen the number of couples that leave Big Brother’s house? If you’re serious about finding the love of your life and wearing matching PJs, then you better start preparing yourself for the next auditions.


You have to be there everyday, you might as well look around for someone you can fall in love with. If you can’t find anyone, then call HR and ask them to start hiring your type as soon as possible.


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