So, the forces of the universe have united against you and decided you should be lonely at the top on Valentine’s Day? Not the best time to be alone if you ask us. But since an idle hand is satan’s workshop or whatever they say, we have the perfect lineup of activities to help you survive the day.

Draw up a “must visit” list

You know how you make a mental list of all the friends you’ll visit during festive seasons? Do the same for Valentine’s Day. Rank your female besties from “Her boyfriend is rich AF” to “At all at all na im bad pass”, and plan who to visit.

Befriend your bestie’s boyfriend

Think about it. Who knows your besties better than their BFs? You. Who knows all the things they want to see in their Valentine’s Day gift box? Also, you. So, get to work and become their BF’s personal shopping assistant and gifting advisor. Then show up on Val’s Day to retrieve the reward for your hard work.

Set leg

Relationship people will be everywhere in their droves on February 14, and believe us when we say they’ll be annoying AF. Set leg for any couple, just because you can. Who knows? You might just be the one to fall… inside one relationship.

Judge relationship people

Anyone who tells you to go off social media is bad vibes. Where’s the fun in that when you can stay and judge the gifts given, the gifter and the giftee?

Beg your Odogwu

Thanks to your single-pringleness, it won’t get any tender loving care or affection on a day dedicated to love. If it doesn’t take sorry, just beat it.

Go hard on the house chores

If you stay with your parents, when you finish the chores, they’ll bless you with an important prayer point: “God will provide your partner at the right time”. You might not get a lover this year o, but your story will definitely change in 2025.

Go outside and find love

If you’ve decided you absolutely cannot spend February 14 alone, head out as early as 5 a.m. Go to the busiest bus stop in your area, and position yourself by the roadside. Person go toast you before noon, like the babe in this Love Life.

Or just love yourself

Listen, nobody can love you like you love yourself. Stand in front of the mirror and have the sickest house party with the man in the mirror. It might give off strong “This is madness” vibe, but it’s the character development you need to survive relationship shege.

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