Your soulmate may be the friend who’s seen you go through shege pro max and still stands by you. What is true love if not see-finish persevering? These on-screen friendships prove that just because you aren’t romantic with them, and your genitals haven’t touched, doesn’t mean they can’t be the love of your life.

Kemi and Sarah in “Blood Sisters”

Image source: TheGuardianNigeria

If there was ever an award for the best on-screen friendship in Nollywood, it has to go to these two. Protecting your friend from an abuser, killing the abuser on her behalf, hiding the body together, then going on the run and defying everything including a drug trafficking ring? These babes went through thick and thin together and never did we see the love between them falter.

Penelope and Eloise in “Bridgerton” 

Image source: Quora

Their relationship might be rocky now, but when it was good, it was great. They understood each other, shared similar dreams and aspirations and talked about how much worse everyone else’s life was. We’re pretty sure that’s how you know it’s true love.

Obalola, Ify and Gift in “Gangs of Lagos”

Image source: BellaNaija

If there was ever a time or chance for see-finish to prevail in a friendship, it would have been with these three. They were childhood friends and knew every single thing about each other. However, they still did all they could to be there for one another, even if that meant having a blood bath and filling the streets of Lagos Island with dead bodies because someone had the brilliant idea to kill one of them.

Simon Basset and Will Mondrich in “Bridgerton”

Image source: iMDB

These two prove that you can love your partners deeply and still find your soulmate in your best friend. They knew they could always count on each other whenever they needed help, advice or someone to just tell them they were being foolish in every sense. 

Didi and Tiwa in “Skinny Girl in Transit”

Image source: NdaniTV on YouTube

Are they really your soulmate if you can’t share the most heart-wrenching experience with them and laugh about it mere moments later? Didi and Tiwa’s friendship represents the girlies who’ll be there to console you after that ex breaks your heart for the fifth time, but will continue bringing it up because, why have you let them use your sense?

Tayo and Lanre in “The Men’s Club”

Image source: REDtv on YouTube

There are always those two people in a friend group who clearly have a tighter bond than with the others. Tayo and Lanre are those two friends. They’ve lived together, they’ve worked together, they’ve heard each other have sex… The bottom line is they’ve stuck together despite all the rubbish they put each other through.

Sheldon and Penny in “The Big Bang Theory”

Image source: Thetodayshow

Sheldon might’ve been an insufferable person to be around. But for some reason, Penny always stuck around, even though she had the option to ignore his knocks at her door. Still, like some extraterrestrial force possessed her, she’d open the door and accept Sheldon and all his weirdness into her home every time.

Aminu and Louis in “The Men’s Club”

Image source: REDtv on YouTube

We checked, and in the history of the Nollywood multiverse, there’s never been two individuals as strong-headed as these two. But maybe that’s why they made such great friends to each other. They’d wait till their problem was choking them till they could no longer breathe to ask the other person for help. And that’s only because they knew they’d come through, sit with them and help sort their issue.

Sarah and Mrs Eket in “The House of Secrets”

Image source: BellaNaija

The most beautiful thing about their friendship was it didn’t matter that Mrs Eket was way older than Sarah and her senior at the office. They loved, admired and wanted the best for each other. Through the secrets they shared and the number of years that went by before they saw each other each time, they were the one constant in each other’s lives.


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