A viral TikTok conversation has filtered into X. The tea: According to Friend A, Friend B had gotten close to her man and even gone as far as to tell their other friends she wouldn’t mind being with him. Eventually, Friend A had no other option but to use her scissors. Friend B was left out in the cold, wondering what went wrong. In summary, end of friendship.

As expected, the internet people are divided, but the winning argument is boundaries should be in place when it comes to your friends and romantic partners. In case you’ve been found wanting, these tips will help you recalibrate. 

Don’t: Hang out with them alone

The Only Ways to Engage With Your Friend’s Partner

What are you trying to do meeting up with your friend’s joy giver for one-on-ones? Please, don’t do it.

Do: Occasional group hangouts. Very important not to be the annoying third leg.

Don’t: Text or call them at odd hours

The Only Ways to Engage With Your Friend’s Partner

Apparently, this doesn’t go without saying. Are they with your kidney or liver? Why are you on their mobile at 6 a.m. or 12 midnight?

Do: Ask your friend to hit them up first, especially if you plan to ask for personal favours.

Don’t: Form attachment with their personal items

The Only Ways to Engage With Your Friend’s Partner

You can admire, you can borrow while y’all are together, but please, that should be the end to it. You have no business taking the hoodie home. Freeze if you must.

Do: Just buy your own, to be honest.

Don’t: Make direct, or God forbid, lingering eye contact

The Only Ways to Engage With Your Friend’s Partner

That’s where the devil comes in. When you start seeing yourself in their eyeballs.

Do: Lower your gaze.

Don’t: Go visiting

The Only Ways to Engage With Your Friend’s Partner

An important question to ask yourself while preparing to set out is, “What am I looking for?”

Do: Stay in your house.

Don’t: Say a word if you’re feeling them

Look, we’re humans and you might find yourself catching feelings where you least expect. But does it make sense to go after everyone we like, especially when they’re hooked… with our friends?

Do: Zip your mouth; bury the feelings.

Don’t: Get too physical

Hugs, handshakes, head on shoulder? Ahhh.

Do: 80% social distancing.

Don’t: Cook for them

Apply for a Guinness World Record if you want the world to bear witness to your culinary skills.

Do: Let them starve, or give them water.


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