He’s your chauffeur

You’ve been a “passenger princess” for so long. Show him some love by sending fuel money every month.

He’s probably scum

You know he’s probably scum and might not stay in one place. That’s why you should use your money to tie him down.

You can wriggle your way out of birthday gifts

You don’t have to worry about getting him a birthday present. Since you’re already giving him money, he’ll feel too guilty to say anything about it.

Nigeria is hard

The country is going through times, and your boyfriend isn’t left out. Send him money every month to show him that even though Nigeria doesn’t care about him, you do.

You can collect it back in multiple folds

Think of it like an investment. You give him ₦‎50k, but then he tries to one-up you and gives you ₦‎100k. Rinse and repeat, and your ROI will be insane. MMM could never give you this.

It’ll make him more romantic

There’s no romance without finance, and that’s why you need to finance your boyfriend’s life so you can enjoy romance with him.

To buy video games

Most men want video games, and your man is probably like most men. Put him on an allowance ,so he can buy the latest games and stay happy. The best part? Iit’ll keep him inside and off the streets.

Haircuts are expensive

You don’t want your boyfriend’s hairline looking like it’s travelling back in time. That’s why you should pay him to get a haircut from the best barbers, so he can stay fine just for you and his side chics.

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