You thought Nigerians didn’t use horny emojis? Well you thought wrong. Here are 10 of the horniest emojis Nigerians use in texting:

1) Eggplant emoji 🍆

A penis shaped like an eggplant will probably traumatise anyone for life, but that hasn’t stopped it from being the go-to penis emoji. For this reason, we  declare it the horniest emoji. There’s nothing hornier than a penis. 

2) Water splash 💦

According to Zikoko’s Bureau of Imaginary Statistics, the percentage of Nigerian sexters rose from 11% in November 2018 to 47% by February 2020 due to the global pandemic. 

As a result of this rise of people searching for sexual fulfilment through texting, the water splash emoji has been used to represent squirting. We sha blame pornography for causing people to think that squirting is the peak of sexual satisfaction. 

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3) Dark moon face🌚

This moon emoji is usually accompanied by the question, “So tell me something about you nobody knows🌚?” or, “How freaky are you 🌚?” But you can’t blame the moon. It looks sus.

4) Shy monkey 🙈

One would think an animal emoji will not make it to this list, but if a plant can make it, so can an animal. People who use the monkey to say things like, “I want to touch your boobs 🙈”. Weirdos. 

If you’re wondering what the emoji will look like in person, here you go:

5) Tongue 👅

Not only does this not look like any tongue we’ve ever seen, but whoever made the emoji must have been ridiculously horny. It can turn any statement sexual, even if you’re talking about food. “Omo, this thing wey I chop ehn 👅” 

6) Hot and spicy emoji 🥵

You’d think that a country that’s fighting a battle with the sun will use this emoji for the right purpose, but no. They’ll be saying, “You’re so hot 🥵” but they’re not saying it’s because the sun wants to roast your head. This is why the heat will never stop. You’ve angered the sun with your sinful behaviour

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7) Mourning emoji 😩

We don’t even need to explain this emoji. Looks like someone that’s getting proper backshots. It’s not their fault. If you remove the “ur” and replace it with an “a”, mourn looks like a moan. 

8) Kneeling emoji 🧎🏾‍♀️

If you don’t know how horny this emoji is, then you’re not seeing it. The idea of submission in itself is horny, so an emoji with someone kneeling is screaming horny. Why else would you kneel down if not to s— okay,

9) Tasty emoji 😋

The official emoji of the 30+ Nigerian men. This emoji is only considered horny because 30+ Nigerian men are a horny bunch. 

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10) Beggi Beggi emoji 🥺

One can argue that this one’s for the Gen-Z’s, but it’s actually for Nigerian women after they’ve finished drinking red wine

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