7 Nigerian Women Share Their FIRST Time Squirting Experience

October 6, 2020

Female sexual pleasure comes in different ways. For some women, squirting is how they know they have reached peak sexual pleasure. So, 7 Nigerian women talk to us about their first time squirting.

Angel, 20

So, there I was masturbating and exploring my body when all of a sudden, there was this intense feeling that flooded me. Before I knew it, I had squirted everywhere. At first I thought it was pee, but I smelt and even tasted it. It was not. Ever since then, it has been flood town ever since.

Jacinta, 19

It was a random day with my boyfriend, and I was getting fingered. Suddenly, he started drilling me like he was looking for oil. Instead of oil, he struck water, and it got all over his hand. I have not been able to hack it for myself ever since, so maybe men are useful for something. The biggest takeaway from this is that porn lies, a lot.

Ebube, 19

It was my first time masturbating when it happened. I had watched some porn, but not enough to know squirting was normal. At that time I thought I broke my bladder, and that maybe it was God punishing me for the “sin” that was masturbation.

Kikelomo, 20

I was messing around with my then partner, and he was doing the finger and tongue combo. I felt the urge to pee, and he told me to just trust him and “pee” on him. Eventually, I got out of my head and let myself loose. I squirted and got the whole bed wet. I did not even know I had such powers. My legs were shaking terribly, but I felt so relieved. I knew it was not pee because it was neither coloured nor did it smell like pee, but there must have been pee in there.

Chioma, 32

It was my first time with a woman, and she was a very good friend of mine. I had told her my husband was not getting how my body worked right, so she offered to help. She did things to my body and did not even stop even after the third orgasm. The fourth, however, came with a little surprise; the floodgates were open. We still see each other from time to time, and my husband does not know.

Amina, 20

It was two hours of the best sex I’ve had. I was cuffed for maybe 90 minutes, and I’m pretty sure the squirting happened because my vagina didn’t fall asleep. We were on a bed all through, then he said we should stand. My legs were wobbly but I stood up. So, I was standing, and he bent me over for penetration again. Three minutes later, I felt something leave my ass. I was shouting! I asked him what that sound was, and what poured. He told me it was me. I couldn’t believe it. I was so embarrassed, my body became stiff. Soon after, he just bent me over again and started pummeling. I squirted again like a tap this time. I was too embarrassed to go on, so I told him I was sore. The day ended, and I could still picture it vividly five days later.

Ginika, 29

I am a tall woman that is used to being on top, so when I met up with this cute woman on Twitter, I thought it would be the same. When she asked to tie me up, I should have known I had entered one chance. She brought out this spinning dildo and did this toy-mouth combo. By the time she hit my spot, Niagra falls was jealous. The worst part was trying to explain to the hotel staff why we needed extra sheets, but I have learnt to stop underestimating short women.

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