Do you regularly get STD tests? Or have you never gotten one at all? It can be nerve-racking going to get tested, but equally important for your overall well-being. You know, it’s better to be safe and sure than sorry especially if you have multiple sexual partners. For this article, 6 Nigerians Share With Us Their Experience Getting STD tests.

Jane, 25, F

The first time I got an STD test was in 2018. Before then, I’d had a steady partner so never felt the need to get one. When the relationship ended, I started hooking up with people without knowing their sexual histories. One day, my friend was talking about getting a routine check-up done and mentioned that it included STD testing. That’s when it occurred to me how irresponsible I’d been, and how I needed one too. After that initial test, I made STD testing a regular thing.

Paul, 27, M

My girlfriend cheated on me in 2017, and the only reason I found out was that she got an STD and gave it to me. I didn’t even want to get a test at first because she told me she had an STD and that automatically means I have one too, but I got the test done anyway. Got a comprehensive STD test to catch anything she might have missed in her own testing. It was pretty straightforward and efficient. I went to pick up my results the next day. Since then, I made STD testing a regular part of my health routine. You can never be too sure.

Abike, 31, F

I have been getting tested regularly since I was 21 years old. My biggest problem with getting STD tests is that some of the hospital staff can be very judgemental. Sometimes, they make snide comments about how sexually reckless I am to require a test, or that abstinence would prevent the need for a test in the first place.I moved around a lot, so I constantly changed hospitals, which means I was exposed to a lot of rubbish. When I settled down, I found a hospital a bit far from where I live but closer to my best friend’s house. The staff there are very professional and I’ve been getting tests there twice a year for over three years now.

Olu, 27, M

My partner and I both decided it was in our best interest to test for STDs before “getting physical.” The tests went well. I got my result in minutes, and the hospital also emailed them to me for reference. I had insurance, so it was affordable and I do it regularly. I also got the rapid test kit to test myself at home occasionally, but I go to the hospital for the complete package.

Sandra, 26, F

When I started dating my boyfriend, he insisted on us getting tested before becoming exclusive. So, we went together to get the test done. The hospital kept treating us as a couple and that was a small problem for me. It’s been four years, and he still insists we get it done at least once a year, which I think is a really good practice. It’s quick and we get it done with our usual medical checkup so I don’t mind.

Cynthia, 21, F

I got my first STD test because I was sexually assaulted. I wanted to get the 72 hour PEP drug (Post Exposure Prophylaxis), but a test was done first. It was a fast test. It involved them collecting my blood and delivering my results not long after. I was asked to return in 3 months for another test because that’s the incubation time for some STDs, but I never got retested. Partly because of laziness and the fact that my parents didn’t take it seriously. They believed that because I’d already taken the drug, I didn’t need another test.

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