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What’s your earliest memory of each other? 

Segun: A friend who had bought a cake parfait from Anu referred her to me in 2021. The first time I made an order, I went to pick up cake parfaits at her house.

Anu: I could’ve sent them through a dispatch rider, but he said he didn’t want that. I was confused, but what’s my own? I told him he could come get his order. 

Wait, why?

Segun: She lives really close to me, so paying extra for delivery didn’t make any sense. I could just drive down to her place to pick it up, so I did.

What was the first meeting like?

Segun: She had so much energy. There was this cute way she did her thing. She gave me the parfait and told me to come again. 

I continued going there to pick up my cake parfaits.

Anu:  Can I say my own?

Segun: Oya.

Anu: I won’t lie. When I saw him, I was shocked. I’d seen his WhatsApp display picture and some pictures on his story and I wasn’t feeling him like that. Then he showed up at my house, and I was like, this man is sexy.

LOL. Was that when you both started liking each other?

Segun:  Not really. I loved her cake parfaits and her vibe, so I always patronised her. Then, we started talking outside my orders.

Anu: I invited him to my church.


Anu: I had a crush on him, and I needed to shoot my shot. So when they told us to invite two or more people to church, I thought, why not?

Segun: I asked her if I’d find a wife in her church, and she said yes.

Anu: Did you not find me?

Segun, did you know about the crush?

Segun: I had a feeling. She used to look at me really intensely. Like, I would be doing something, turn to her and find her looking at me. She didn’t admit it at first, but she was always inviting me to do things with her. I just had a feeling.

Anu:  It’s not like I had a choice. Look at him. He’s a very fine man. And when we started talking, we found out that we had the same dreams and goals. That sealed it. I fell flat on the ground.

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Segun, when did you fall for her?

Segun: After our first date. That was when I realised I had started liking her.

Anu: Oh yes, that’s when I realised it too. He was driving, and I couldn’t stop staring at him. He kept going on about how happy he was. 

He’s very shy, and I’d never seen him express himself like that. That’s when I really thought this man might like me, and my crush might be more than a crush.

Okay, you have to tell me about this date.

Anu: He asked me out on a movie date, so we went to Maryland Mall. 

Segun: It didn’t start well.

Anu: Nigeria was happening that day, so the cinema didn’t have electricity for a while. We had to sit somewhere, eat small chops and wait for the light to be restored. When it finally came back on,  we went in to watch the movie. I was so shy. 

Segun: You were?

Anu: I had to go to the bathroom at some point because I forgot how to breathe. When I got back, I just kept staring at him.

Segun: I would look at her to find her looking at me.

Seems like it was a great first date.

Anu: The best. I didn’t even want to go home.

Segun: It was fun. I already liked her before the date, so I was just happy we had that much fun and I could just be myself around her. Later that night, I told her about my YouTube channel. I wanted her to make videos with me because she had a lot of energy.

Anu: I agreed, shared the channel’s link and in five months we went from 84 to 1,000 subscribers.

That’s insane.

Segun: I was surprised when we got to 1,000 subscribers..

Anu: He had mentioned earlier that he preferred actions to words, and I was down to show him I cared through my actions. It’s why I was so determined to grow the YouTube channel.

Is this what Anu meant by similar dreams and goals?

Segun: Yes. It’s mostly content creation. She’s a content creator, and I’d just started creating reaction videos on YouTube when we started talking. I also wanted to switch to doing content with my partner.

Anu: And that’s where I came in.

Segun: We’re also business people. Well, kind of.

Anu: I’m the more business-inclined person, sha.

Segun: She really is. I’d always wanted to start some type of business, but I wasn’t getting things right. Honestly, we wanted a lot of similar things.

Are you going to share these business interests?

Segun: No.

Anu: Nope.

Fair enough. What about how you both help each other’s businesses?

Segun: She helps me create content for my shirt brand and manages my business’ social media accounts. 

Anu: He’s sometimes busy with work, so I post on the page, reply to customers, collect money, and revert to him. In turn, he helps me make videos for my business. He’s a great cinematographer and video editor, so he takes the videos and edit them too. 

Last Saturday, he followed me to a trade fair and shot videos I could use to create content and post on my page.

Aww, that’s so sweet. What’s your favourite thing about your relationship?

Anu: It’s the fact that it’s him. I’m in a peaceful relationship with a man who’s very proud of me, shows me off at every chance and has actually shown that he’s interested in me. There are no inconsistencies in the way he loves me, and he always makes time for me. He gets busy with work, but he’ll always take out time to check in and text me.

Segun: For me, it’s the way we understand and care for each other. She compliments me and carries my matter on her head unprovoked. She’s just always doing the most for me. 

It’s also the letters.

Anu: Oh God. 

What letters?

Segun: We write letters to appreciate each other, but she does it more, so I’ll randomly get handwritten letters. Last year, I got a letter in my email from the first day of my birth month till my actual birthday. It was really sweet, and I’ll never forget it.

Best in love and romance!

Anu: What can I say? I’m a finished woman.

On a scale of 1 to 10, how would you rate your love life?

Segun: Let me not do too much, but this is a solid 8.5.

Anu:  Ahh! I rate it a 10, minus nothing.

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