Everyone wants to be with people who love and support them, even as they fawn over their favourite artist, show, or sport. So here’s how to be a supportive partner as your bae finds another source of happiness.

Act like you’ve been there before

Okay, your partner’s found something that makes them giddy, chances are you have something that makes you giddy too. Don’t go about making them feel like shit, allow them to breathe and enjoy their happiness.

You can’t compare, so don’t compare

If you try comparing yourself to their fave, sorry to you. What your eyes would see, your mouth won’t be able to say it.

You don’t have to understand it but don’t talk smack about it

It’s fine if you don’t understand why your partner’s getting giddy over a movie about their favourite childhood doll. Just don’t talk smack about it and make the person you claim to love feel like shit.

Smile and nod

Don’t lie, you don’t know shit about what they’re saying, so just smile and listen attentively. Throw in a “Are you serious?” every now and then. 


You can only show silent support for so long. After a while, you’ll have to find out the names of her seven Korean boyfriends and join in the conversation.

Share their happiness…literally

If you stumble on videos or pictures or even little inside jokes about their favourite thing/people, send them. They’ll be happy, and you’ll learn more about their faves.

Become a fan too 

 If you followed the last tip, then you already know a shit ton about their thing, so you might as well just fly the flag high and get giddy with them too.



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