Forget the dramatic “I burn for you” lines and other grand gestures, there’d be times in your relationship when you’ll fight. You may be ignored, get passive-aggressive and have them call you by your government name (how dare they?).

When that eventually happens, it’s important to pay attention to your partner’s actions because they’re subtle pointers to who they are under the sweet exterior. And if they do these things during fights, it means they’re THE ONE. Trust us.

They still call you

If Your Partner Does These Things During Fights, Hold Them Tight

The easiest thing to do during fights is go silent. But this person even goes as far as to call your phone? If that line rings and their name pops on your screen despite the brewing gbas gbos, it means they’re still thinking about you.

“Can we talk?”

Right after “I love you”, this might be the most uncomfortable sentence to utter during a fight with your partner. First, it signals concession and makes you seem like the first to budge. Second? It screams, “Can we settle already and return to Love Island?” If they say this, it means they’ve set their ego aside to choose peace or their love for you.

Ask “Have you eaten?”

If Your Partner Does These Things During Fights, Hold Them Tight

Food is a love language for many relationship people. So, if they care to know if you have enough stomach energy to fuel your fight, it’s a sign they care. I mean, who wins a fight on an empty stomach?

Become your human to-do list

When they still drop prompts to help get your shit together: “Have you visited the dentist?” “Did you remember to warm the soup?” “What about your 4 p.m. application deadline?” Deep down, you know they still carry your matter for head.

Remove imaginary specks of dirt on your body

If Your Partner Does These Things During Fights, Hold Them Tight

It’s a lie. There’s nothing in the corner of your eye, and roasted corn shaft isn’t hanging on your lips. They’ve just missed touching you and hope that little act of intimacy will soften your heart of stone.


If Your Partner Does These Things During Fights, Hold Them Tight

It’s the thought of them extending the assurances of their highest respect and regard for you that counts, even in the thick of romantic warfare.

Remember your family and friends 

“Don’t worry about going to mummy’s place. I’ve dropped the groceries there on my way from work.” A partner who still extends love and light to your family and friends? A keeper for real.

“I love you”

It’s the heaviest sentence to mouth when your partner is moving mad and you want nothing to do with them. But if they’re brave enough to say it regardless, it might be their way of telling you, “This too shall pass.”



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