Remember, you’re not the main character

It’s your love life, so we know how tempting it might be to make yourself the main character. But please, we beg of you, don’t. If you write your love speech and there are I’s littered all over the place, undo it immediately.

Wax lyrical 

“I know you’re astonished by my good fortune” and “I burn for you” are prime examples of how to do this.  Step into the shoes of the greatest lover boys to ever do it and ask yourself, WWTD — what would they do?

Favour her good side

The only thing your love note should contain is that she’s the best thing since Agege Burger, anything less than that and she’s within her rights to limit your access to her.

It’s a declaration, so declare

Tell the world how she makes you feel: butterflies in your belly, stars in your eyes. If it isn’t clear that you love her more than Nigerian mothers love their sons, then you’ve done a bad job.

Inside jokes are fine, till they aren’t

There’s nothing wrong with inside jokes, as long as they’re actually funny and cute. If you come with “you’re not the most beautiful” type jokes ,don’t be surprised if you find yourself single in a fortnight.

You can give a little history, but not too much

Too much shalaye that will lead you to talking about how she left her dreams to pursue yours, next thing you know,the internet is cussing you out on her behalf two hours later..

“I love you” is always okay

If for some reason big declarations aren’t really your thing ,then just shout “I love (her name)” from the rooftops and leave it at that.


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