We’d tell you to forget about marriage and focus on yourself in this messy economy, but you people have carried love on your head like gala sellers in traffic.

Did you see the number of couples that got engaged in December?

Not everyone will marry someone that can remove you from this country.So we spoke to two wedding planners, and they shared a few tips on planning a wedding in Tinubu’s Nigeria.

“Elope, run away.” – Ope

Just like our dear president did, we suggest you also hit the ground running. Take your partner’s hand  and run away from all unnecessary spending into your nearest registry. You’ll need to pick up some important documents and two witnesses on the way, but it’s a lot better than paying through your teeth to entertain your village people, including your mother’s friend who once watched her beat shege out of you.

“Cut your coat according to your clothes. You don’t have to do all the fancy, big things.” – Lauretta

With the way the costs of things are flying through the roof every second, you might end up with a doll’s vest. But the love of your life is all you need to have a great time at your wedding, right? Take a long, hard look at your account balance and plan with what you have there.

“Don’t go for the popular, do something that’s uniquely you.” – Ope

Instead of going for what everyone else is doing, like buying a dress worth millions or renting out the biggest hall, you can have the wedding in your father’s backyard, wear something from your closet. The most important thing, though, is that your wedding feels very much like you.

“Use the people you know. Do something small and intimate.” – Ope

Not only does a small, intimate wedding save money, but it also ensures your special day is free of drama. No one wins if, during the reception, your best man plays videos of you catching ass. Or your ex-girlfriend plants seeds of doubt in your bride’s head. You might think we’re lying, but The Wedding Party’s Dozie knows what we’re talking about.

“Invite the people you’re actually friends with.” – Lauretta

If that includes the akara seller at your junction and your misunderstood boss, so be it. Just make sure the people you’re sharing your day with are worth it and won’t do anything that might cause you grief on your special day.

“If you’re doing your wedding at the end of the year, it’s going to be more expensive.” – Ope

Once Zenith Bank puts up Christmas decorations and people start singing off-key about Jingle Bells, just know the price of everything has tripled, and your wedding will cost a whole lot more. Pick a good time for your wedding. It could be the beginning or middle of the year when there isn’t a holiday fighting with the economy to see who can take you out first.

“Make trade-offs and spend the most on what matters to you and your partner.” – Ope

Image source: chopscentral via X

It’s your special day, so it only makes sense you spend on things that’ll make you and your partner happy, even if that means splurging on decoration or having a small chop platter with only puff puff and mosa.



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