Dating your coworker can be tricky because if it ends in tears, you might end up jobless. Here’s a guide to making sure that doesn’t happen to you. 

1.Check if they wear a ring often

It is one thing to date a coworker and another thing to date someone else’s partner. If their relationship is not open, don’t go and help them open it oh. One day they will come to fight you in the office, one of you might get to keep your job and it probably won’t be you.

2. Don’t come in at the same time

After you’ve spent “the best weekend” of your life, don’t spoil it by coming to work together. It will show on your face, it’s not something you can hide.

3. Check the office policy

If the office policy allows you to date a coworker, do it by all means. If it doesn’t, I don’t have to tell you that there are no jobs in this country. Better hold on to the one you’ve managed to find. Love can wait. 

4. Don’t share clothes

No one wants to be oppressed at work and on social media too. If you are going to spend the night, carry your clothes. Don’t wear the t-shirt or shirt your partner wore to work the day before.

5. Don’t try to choose

The best thing about possibly dating a coworker is that they know just how stressful your job can get. Don’t try to choose between work and them. You’ll lose in the end.

6. Set basic rules

Like not spending too much time at work togetherr, or discussing anything about work when you get home. It makes dating a coworker easier plus rules are good.

7. Never post pictures in the same location

If your coworkers follow you on social media, don’t post pictures of each other in the same location so they don’t suspect that you are dating. 

8. Don’t use the same background for zoom meetings.

When you hang out to get freaky freaky and you have a meeting, move as far away from each other as possible. If not your other co-workers will put two and two together. 

9. Don’t expect to stay a secret

If that one coworker can find your secret burner account, don’t you think people won’t even figure out that you are dating a coworker? Better to tell people than for them to find out on their own.


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