They’re coming for this babe on Twitter (I’m done calling it X). 

One thing about me, I’m a staunch supporter of women’s rights and wrongs.

So I’ve made a list of people that get to catch flights with you. There’s one catch, though: you have to accept it does, in fact, make you a villain.

The planner

Let’s be honest, who  likes sitting for hours on end planning places to go and activities to try and people to see?

Introducing the planner. 

She’ll plan every second of your vacation, and because she’s so good, she’ll still leave ample room for you to faff around and accept party invites from hot strangers but maybe don’t).

The hot one 

Ever heard of pretty privilege? Exactly.

You need someone whose main role is just sitting there, looking hot AF, and getting the group free things.

The one that knows a travel agent

Or someone at immigration. As long as they know someone that knows someone that can make things work in your favour, they’re allowed to come with you.  But don’t worry, if you don’t have one, a rich friend is just fine.

The rich one

By all means, try to be a serious adult and plan a budget for your trip. But with the way the exchange rate keeps climbing, you’re definitely going to need a human ATM extremely rich friend good friend that can spend extra cash on you or bail you out when you ultimately run out of money three days into your vacation…

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The fighter

If, like me, you hate fights and confrontations, then you definitely need to find a friend who’s ever ready to activate her inner Speed Darlington and Portable in the face of fools. They’ll come in handy when you order spaghetti bolognese and they give you spaghetti and stew.

The influencer friend

She might use you right back and have you make a million TikTok videos, but as long as they’re willing to use their expensive AF phones and camera to take insane pictures of you, then you better suck it up and do the “I’m an x, of course I…” challenge.

The stylist

This time, they don’t actually have to be a stylist, they just need to think they are and have a million clothing options for you to choose from.

All of this isn’t really important right now though, what’s most important is finding out if that trip will ever make it out of the group chat.


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