Your babe loving you with all her heart is great, but there’s no greater joy than finding out that she likes you almost as much as Nigerians like sharing their opinions on the internet, unprovoked. If she does any of these things, she doesn’t just love you, she likes you.

She wants to enter your skin

It doesn’t matter if the sun and heat are threatening to set you ablaze or it’s colder than a mortuary standard beer. If your babe is always trying to get as close to you and cosplay like you both are conjoined twins, congratulations, they’re not just tolerating your ass, they like you, like you.

She wants to share everything with you 

If you find yourself complaining about her sharing your food or sleeping in your ₦50k Gunci shirt, congratulations, the love of your life likes you too.

She’ll call you for the tiniest things 

Did a bus conductor upset her? Did they get her order wrong at the restaurant? Did she just hear some hot tea? It doesn’t matter what it is, she’ll pick up her phone and call you about it.

She spends on you

Bury any thoughts that women have money because they still don’t. But rest assured, if your babe likes you, she’ll gather all her loose change and make it rain on you.

She wants to go everywhere with you 

How do you know the amala at a buka is about to slap? The woman serving the food is rude AF. How do you know your babe likes you and everything you stand for? She follows you everywhere you go and tries to become one with your shadow.

She bites you

There’s a slight possibility she might be a vampire or Hannibal Lecter, but there’s a higher chance she’s sinking her teeth into your skin to figure out why you’re so damn sweet and she likes you so much.

She asks for your help a lot 

Let’s get one thing straight: that cockroach she asks you to kill, that tire she asks you to change, she can definitely do all of that herself. She’s only asking you because she likes disturbing you, and she likes the way you do them, simple.

Now that we’ve shown you the signs that your babe likes you, take this quiz and be double sure that she truly likes you.

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