Show Dem Camp’s duality has always been the group’s strongest asset. They can go from light and breezy (Palm Wine Music 2) to pointed and impactful (These Buhari Times) without sacrificing quality or entertainment value, and their latest release, The Palmwine Express, is no exception.

On the 12-track project, the third entry into their Palmwine Music series, Ghost and Tec surround themselves with a jaw-dropping selection of featured acts — from big-name players like Burna Boy to fast-rising phenoms like Buju — but they are very much the stars of the show.

Throughout the album, the duo mostly rap about love and sex — tackling topics like fleeting romances (“Different Case”) and undeniable chemistry (“Vibrations”). In between that, they still find time to brag about their skill (“Alariwo”) and call out liars (“Tales By Moonlight”).

Most of the project’s guest acts already appeared on at least one of the last two Palmwine Music releases, so it comes as no surprise that the chemistry is still pretty palpable. BOJ and Tomi Thomas, especially, deliver standout hooks on “Different Case” and “Vibrations” respectively.

The Palmwine Express is another outstanding project from Show Dem Camp — one that, like its predecessors, soars thanks to fantastic production work (entirely handled by Spax), strong features and the undeniable chemistry between Ghost (the project’s MVP) and Tec.

Listen to The Palmwine Express below:


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