It’s the last month of the year! Celebrate by taking some of our best quizzes from last month.

1. QUIZ: Do You Know The Plural Of These Words Or Did Your School Fees Waste?

We hate it break it to you but if you can’t get the plural of these words before the timer runs out, your school fees wasted.

2. QUIZ: Can We Guess Your Favourite Sex Position?

Take this freaky quiz and we’ll tell you your favourite sex position.

3. QUIZ: If 10/23 Of These Apply To You, You’re Officially Old

Forget about your actual age for a moment. If you can relate to up to 10 things here, you’re definitely old.

4. QUIZ: If You Can Identify 10/13 Of These Politicians, You Should Move Into Aso Rock

If you kill this quiz, start heading to Aso Rock because you belong there.

5. QUIZ: Who Is Your Secret Admirer?

Have you been wondering who your secret admirer is? Yes? No? Just take the quiz.

6. QUIZ: Only Nigerian Millennials Can Unscramble These Musicians In 1 Minute

We have scrambled the names of some Nigerian musicians. If you’re not a millennial, it’ll probably be hard for you to unscramble them before time runs out.

7. QUIZ: If You Can Recognise 10/13 Of These Candies, You Need To See The Dentist

If you’re a chocolate person, this quiz will be easy for you.



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