The older Nigerians get, the more annoying they become. They think that because they are old, they can say and do anything without repercussions. Unfortunately for them, this generation is not having any of their nonsense. We’ve highlighted some of the most annoying things they say below.

1. If you leave, who will build the country? 

When you were younger, why didn’t you build the country, oh wise one? Why did you leave it to us? Dear older Nigerians, we are tired abeg, Bob the builder no do reach this one. 

Did we spoil the country first?

2. The youths are lazy 

When they say this, they mean to say that the government is consistent in frustrating the efforts of the youth. Surely, they can’t be looking at all the things the youths do to earn a living and still call them lazy.

With all due respect, please shut up.

3 . Nigeria was good in my days 

Yes, we are aware. Titus’ sardine is five hundred naira and one sachet of water is now twenty naira. We know how bad things are, no one made you the minister of reminders. 

What are we supposed to do with that information bayi?

4. All you do is press your phone 

Just because they use their phones to play Candy Crush and send scary WhatsApp broadcast messages, they really can’t see how we could use our phone’s to do something good for our lives. Mention that you have a headache, and they’ll blame your phone pressing habits.  

pov: a millennial pressing her phone.

5. Dress the way you want to be addressed 

What does this even mean? Just because we’ve chosen not to wear suits to work anymore? Do they not know how hot this country is? Like I’m sorry you wasted your youth dressing like an old person, but if you can’t handle a bad bitch, don’t give birth to one. 

6. Using your left hand is rude

I thought God created all things equally, but older Nigerians in their usual annoying way have proven that it is an insult to use your hand even if you’re a southpaw. Wahala oh.

7. I have children your age at home

So do our parents, you’re not special. By the way, never in the history of demanding respect has saying this in an argument ever helped.

8. You’d understand when you’re older 

Some people have been “older” for many years now, and they still don’t understand a lot of things, everybody should just get out.

9. I carried you as a baby 

Okay, thank you for your service to humanity, do you want an award or something? Notice how it’s always that one person you don’t even know?

10. You’re so big now 

So here’s the thing about human beings, dear egbon, they grow. It happened to you and our parents, and now it has happened to us. Thanks for pointing it out though.


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