2020 has been a really stressful year, so it’s no surprise to see our quizzes that embrace the past going viral. Now, we’ve gathered 11 of our most popular nostalgia-driven quizzes to help you forget about your current worries.

1. Do You Remember Nigerian Myths From Your Childhood?

We believed a lot of nonsense when we were younger. Do you remember? Take the quiz.

2. Only Nigerians Above 23 Can Answer These Random Questions

If you’re below 23, most of these random questions will fly right above your head. Take the quiz.

3. Younger Nigerians, This One Will Definitely Stress You

’80s and ’90s babies, here’s your chance to shine. Take the quiz.

4. Do You Remember The Macmillan Primary English Books?

If you attended primary school in Nigeria, this should be a cakewalk. Take the quiz.

5. Can You Guess These 2000s Nigerian Hit Songs From Their Lyrics?

Do you remember these songs from almost two decades ago? Take the quiz.

6. Only Take This If You Attended A Nigerian Secondary School

If you went to a Nigerian secondary school, then you should crush this. Take the quiz.

7. People Who Get 11/16 In This Quiz Should Have Been Part Of The Mo’Hits Crew

Make Don Jazzy proud and get 11 or more answers right. Take the quiz.

8. Can You Identify These Iconic Nigerian Ads From One Line?

These iconic Nigerian adverts should be burnt into your memory. Take the quiz.

9. Only People Who Went To School In Nigeria Can Get More Than 10/14

Can you recognise these iconic books without their titles? Take the quiz.

10. You Can’t Answer These Very Nigerian Questions If You’re Under 25

If you were born after the year 2000, you will struggle. Take the quiz.

11. Can You Guess The Nigerian TV Show Theme Song From One Line?

“I live for that smile on your face ’cause I believe in you.” Take the quiz.



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