We’ve compiled 11 quizzes for Nigerians who pay attention to the things around them, from brand names to logo colours. If you can’t relate, these aren’t the quizzes for you.

1. Only Nigerians Can Identify The Brands Behind These Products

Can you tell brands apart? Take this quiz.

2. Only Attentive Nigerians Can Answer These Random Questions

Are you an attentive Nigerian? Take this quiz.

3. Can You Identify These Nigerian Water Brands By Their Bottles?

How much attention do you pay in traffic? Take this quiz.

4. Can You Identify The Nollywood Movie From A Pixelated Poster?

Do you pay attention to Nollywood posters? Take this quiz.

5. Only Nigerians With Good Colour Memory Can Get 9/13 Logos Right

How good is your colour memory? Take this quiz.

6. Can You Identify Nigerian Music Videos From One Screenshot?

Do you pay attention to music videos? Take this quiz.

7. Can You Identify The Nigerian Celebrity Based On Their Eyes?

Who can you see? Take this quiz.

8. Can You Identify These Pixelated Nigerian Album Covers?

Do you pay attention to album covers? Take this quiz.

9. Can You Identify 15 Pixelated Logos Of Companies In Nigeria?

Which famous logos are these? Take this quiz.

10. Can You Identify The Correct Spelling Of These Nigerian Celebrities’ Names?

Do you pay attention to the names of celebrities? Take this quiz.

11. Only Rich Nigerians Will Get More Than 7/11 On This Naira Quiz

How well do you know the Naira? Take this quiz.



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