If you’re a fan of geography, this is the post for you. We’ve compiled 11 of our most viral quizzes about Nigeria, Africa and the rest of the world. Show off how knowledgeable you are by nailing them all.

1. Do You Know African Countries & Their Capitals?

Can you name the capitals of all 54 African countries? Take this quiz.

2. Can You Identify African Countries By Their Flags Alone?

Do you know the flags of African countries? Take this quiz.

3. Can You Guess The Country Names From These Emojis?

How good is your emoji game? Take this quiz.

4. How Many Nigerian States Can You Name In 2 Minutes?

Fastest fingers win the game. Take this quiz.

5. Only A Genius Can Unscramble 11/15 Nigerian State Capitals In 2 Minutes

All the geniuses, come forward. Take this quiz.

6. How Many African Countries Can You Name In 3 Minutes?

Are your fingers as fast as your brain? Take this quiz.

7. Do You Know The Correct Spelling Of These African Countries?

How good is your spelling game? Take this quiz.

8. Only True Geniuses Can Name 5/13 Nigerian States Just By Their Landmarks

Are you a true genius? Take this quiz.

9. Can You Identify These Countries By Their Popular Landmarks?

Do you know popular landmarks around the world? Take this quiz.

10. Can You Find At Least 18 States On The Nigerian Map?

Do you know the Nigerian map at all? Take this quiz.

11. Do You Know African Countries And Their Presidents?

How many African presidents can you name? Take this quiz.



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