Do you pay attention to brands when you go shopping? If you do, these 11 quizzes we’ve compiled are your chance to shine.

1. Get 7/11 To Prove You’re Not An Ashy Nigerian

Are you ashy? Take this quiz.

2. Only Nigerians Who Can Cook Will Get 7/11 On This Quiz

Can you cook? Take this quiz.

3. Get 7/11 To Prove Your Mouth Is Not Smelling

Do you brush your teeth? Take this quiz.

4. Only Nigerians With Good Colour Memory Can Get 9/13 Logos Right

How good is your colour memory? Take this quiz.

5. Can You Score 8/10 In This Nigerian Milk Brand Quiz?

Do you know your milk brands? Take this quiz.

6. Only Nigerians Can Identify The Brands Behind These Products

Can you tell brands apart? Take this quiz.

7. Can You Identify These Nigerian Water Brands By Their Bottles? 

Do you pay attention in traffic? Take this quiz.

8. Only Nigerians Without Body Odour Can Identify 7/11 Bar Soaps

If you don’t stink, then you should know these bar soaps. Take this quiz.

9. Can You Identify 15 Pixelated Logos Of Companies In Nigeria?

Which logos are these? Take this quiz.

10. Only Attentive Nigerians Will Get 9/12 On This Food Brand Quiz

Do you pay attention to food brands? Take this quiz.

11. Only Tidy Nigerians Will Get 6/11 On This Quiz

How tidy are you? Take this quiz.


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