Yoruba Nollywood brawls will have you questioning your life choices on Obasanjo’s internet. As an observer, you’re locked in a perpetual loop of “This isn’t my business” and “How did XYZ respond?” 

Listen, you’re not alone. Their spectacle has more entertainment value than whatever airs on DSTV these days. So why are these unscripted brawls so bloody intriguing? Let’s answer the question together.

Public shade that leaves no room for guesses

Yoruba Nollywood Real-Life Fights and Why They’re Always Epic

You’ll hardly catch the Yoruba Nollywood players on X. Instagram is their war zone, and they’ll throw that shade with enough clues to get the battle started. 

In February 2023, during the heat of the presidential elections, Dayo Amusa took to Instagram to shade a colleague who enjoyed favours from MC Oluomo but turned against him during the election season. It didn’t take long for followers to put the puzzle together and draw a line to Iyabo Ojo. In her response, she maintained she wasn’t the one being addressed, but thanks to the many clues Dayo shared, the online FBI were convinced she is.

Instagram live sessions that rival Netflix shows

Yoruba Nollywood Real-Life Fights and Why They’re Always Epic

The last thing you should struggle with during a Yoruba Nollywood brawl is poor internet or no data. You’ll miss out on the best parts. For example, Lizzy Anjorin has had more than a dozen Instagram Live sessions in which she slanders Iyabo Ojo in great detail. And as you may imagine, they’re hot and spicy from beginning to end.

A slap when the situation calls for it

Yoruba Nollywood Real-Life Fights and Why They’re Always Epic

Physical violence is hardly ever the case in these brawls, but it’s not to be entirely ruled out. 

In 2021, actresses, Remi Surutu and Fathia Williams, had the internet in a complete chokehold. What happened? Remi confronted Fathia, whom she claimed had been talking about her everywhere, at an event and slapped her face. In an interview after the event, the actress owned her actions with her full chest.

“I decided to confront her and deal with her at that event because somebody needed to call her to order.”

They always come with receipts 

One thing is sure when two Yoruba Nollywood actresses go at it. You’ll get unfettered access to WhatsApp screenshots, legal documents and voice note recordings. They never joke with their receipts.

Family is hardly ever left out

At the height of these brawls, moral lines are blurred. These movie stars often extend the vitriol to loved ones, not minding public backlash.

In 2021, during online warfare with Lizzy Anjorin, Toyin Abraham had to beg the actress not to involve her husband and children. “That woman kept cursing my son and husband. You can curse me, but do not curse my son.”

But it hasn’t stopped Anjorin from towing the same lines in her ongoing battle with Iyabo Ojo. Anjorin dragged Ojo’s children, lover and didn’t even spare her late mum.



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