Outside of resurrecting songs we’ve all forgotten about and starting dance challenges that would stress Kaffy of all people, TikTok is also famous for its many hacks. From kitchen to fashion, people on that clock app come up with new shit to hack every day. 

So as a 30+ TikToker, I decided to try out and rank some of the app’s most popular hacks. Here’s what I found out. 

Putting toasted bread in your mouth to avoid crying when cutting onions 


Even though my eyes weren’t crying, I am still 100% sure this is fake! 😂 What do you think?!? #food #foodhack #5minutecrafts

♬ original sound – Eitan Bernath

This hack is as stupid as it sounds. Why toasted bread? Why not regular bread? Either way, just like me, you’ll still end up crying hot tears because onions don’t send your daddy. 

Making pancakes with an air fryer 


Airfryer Pancakes – well done @Currys for a great marketing post but at least tell us all it doesn’t work at the end 😉😉😂 #food #thismumcooks #pancakes #pancakeday #egg #airfyer #airfryerrecipes #currys #pancakehack #recipes #easyrecipes #homemade #hack #trick #justforfun

♬ Cooking Time – ZydSounds

I’m ready to fight the woman who started this trend, but most importantly, I’m ready to fight myself. After seeing several videos where this hack didn’t work, I still used my hard-earned money to buy ingredients and attempt this disaster. Anyway, because we don’t waste food where I’m from, I ate it like that. You won’t get pancakes, but you’ll sha get something. 

This “too good to be true” hack for washing oily containers 

Like TLC once said, “Stick to the rivers and the lakes that you’re used to.” There’s a reason why we use kitchen sponges and foams to wash plates. Maybe the oil in the overseas is different because this hack didn’t work at all. 

Separating the yolk from egg whites with your hands 

I’ve tried this three times and failed every time. So unless your name is “Harry Potter” or “The Boy Who Lived”, I suggest you ignore this kitchen hack and keep it moving. 

Expanding your shoe to a totally different size 


Even though my eyes weren’t crying, I am still 100% sure this is fake! 😂 What do you think?!? #food #foodhack #5minutecrafts

♬ original sound – Eitan Bernath

So this woman gave seven hacks and only putting your shoe in the freezer worked. But when you think about it, is it healthy? Why should anyone put their shoes in the freezer? Instead, I suggest you do what Nigerian mothers taught us: buy shoes that are four times your size, so you can wear them until the day of rapture. 

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Reverse cuffs for when your trousers are too long 

This hack works, but like that bridge Desmond Elliot commissioned in Surulere, it won’t last. 

It’s a temporary fix to a problem that could easily be solved by a quick visit to your tailor. 

Overnight oats without hot water 

Making overnight oats with my fridge has become a part of my everyday life now, and I love it. Don’t be surprised if these oats taste different. It doesn’t mean they don’t slap, because they do. 

Packing a ton of clothes in your box without ripping the zipper

Packing just got easier. Now, the only thing you have to worry about is the cost of flight tickets. 

Applying moisturizer before you apply retinol, to avoid irritation 

Retinol is one of the greatest skincare ingredients ever. But they’re as dangerous as they’re effective. As someone whose skin turned to a peeling iron sponge during my first month of using retinol, this sandwich method makes sure my skin still looks moisturised and healthy while the retinol does it work. TikTok skincare influencers snapped with this one for real. 

Hiding apps on your iPhone 

As a young Nigerian, this hack is a life saver. I’ve been stopped a lot of times and forced to make transfers to police officers for just breathing, but now, I can hide my bank apps, so they can’t make me open it to see how much money I have. Love it. 

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