Big Brother’s dashed the housemates the first week in his house, but do they have what it takes to behave themselves and take that ₦120m on day 72? 

Well, with his new eviction rules, we can’t be sure who’ll emerge winner, but based on these housemates’ past and current behaviours; here are some pretty good guesses


During her season, she left the second the public had a chance to vote. We’re not saying history might repeat itself, but instead of looking for ways to garner the housemate’s pity like Soma, she’s been gliding through the house talking about how Biggie owes her a long stay in his house. 

Chance of winning the prize money – No offense, but zero. She’s moving like she wants to go back home to rest, and the jury might just grant that wish on Sunday.


Walking out right behind Princess would most likely be Doyin. Tthe therapist role she’s playing around the house won’t put her name in the housemates’ mouths when it’s “pardon me please” time. 

Chance of winning the prize money – 1. It might grow, but for now, the jury has no reason to save her.


He can only ride on the housemates’ goodwill for so long. Very soon, they will leave him to fend for himself and once more he would walk out Biggie’s house prematurely.

Chance of winning the prize money –  3. He’s given us some drama in the house, so the jury might be lenient with him.


Everyone in the house is friends with Seyi, but there’s a zero percent chance any of the housemates would actually save him in the diary room. And seeing as he’s managed to piss off half the population of voters with his blatant misogyny, he just might be returning to his wife and son soon.

Chance of winning the prize money – A weak 3. He’s only staying if the members of the jury are his friends.


It’s safe to say that anyone who made it to the finale with 1.94% of the votes during their season would be swallowed during this All-Stars season.

Chance of winning the prize money – A 3 that might grow if he makes the right alliances and stops letting his cousin fight his battles in the house.


We won’t lie and say she’s not giving drama  but if that drama doesn’t move on from this mess with Ilebaye and Neoenergy, then she’ll be leaving Biggie’s house two weeks after she came.

Chance of winning the prize money – A 3. Her chances might grow to a 4 if she finally gives us the ship with Neoenergy we’ve been eyeing since their season.


Yes, his plan this season is obviously to set Biggie’s house on fire, but he only has one true alliance in that house – Venita, so no one else is going to save him.

Chance of winning the prize money – 4. Unlike the last time, he no longer has the Mercenaries on his side. He should have just stayed home and started a business, Moniepoint would have helped him.


Everyone might be upset about the bullying she’s facing in the house, but the fans pitched their tents five years ago, so the current chances of that outrage translating to votes are slimmer than the chances of Pere letting that “General” name rest.

Chance of winning the prize money – It’s a strong 4, because while the pity votes might not keep her in the house, the jury might pity her and extend her stay. 


, Kiddwaya is obviously ready for the game this season. The housemates might never save him, but he’ll probably just keep winning the HOH games or finding the black envelope of immunity.

Chance of winning the prize money – 4


It’s honestly  50/50 with Venita. On some days, she’s good and everyone likes her, on other days she’s in someone’s face, ready to pounce if they say one wrong word.

Chance of winning the prize money – 5, she’s a walking drama magnet and she just started a ship with Adekunle, so even if the fans and housemates don’t save her; the jury might. Of course, all this is dependent on how long she can hold herself back from beating someone and getting disqualified.


After her shenanigans at the last Saturday rave, it’s safe to say Uriel now has a lot more fans than when she first walked into the house.

Chance of winning the prize money – A very strong 5.


Bad Boy Deks came ready this season, and while that can only take him so far with Biggie’s new rules; more people have joined his fan base, and that’s always a good thing.

Chance of winning the prize money – 6, only because he’s not annoying enough to be on the jury’s chop list.


He might be fun to have in the house and all of that, but he’s sharing fans with like four other housemates. So, sorry to him, and may the jury be in his favor.

Chance of winning the prize money – 6


His fans seem to like him, which is great for him because the way he’s moving this season, the housemates won’t save him; and if he mistakenly smells bottom four, the jury might send him back to his barracks.

Chance of winning the prize money – 7


She was a finalist in her season, and she seems to have Twitter on lock. She’s also making strong alliances in the house, so if she ever needs saving, the housemates might just come through for her.

Chance of winning the prize money – 7


She might not win the money, but she made it to the final five during her season, and that says a lot about her fanbase.

Chance of winning the prize money – 8


With the way Frodd has been moving quietly and gently in that house, there’s a chance he just might sneak his way to day 72. Will he win the money? We highly doubt it, but there are no signs that he’ll be returning to his wife anytime soon.

Chance of winning the prize money – 8


He has a strong fanbase, but there’s the fact he’s sharing those fans with Kiddwaya, and everyone’s had enough of the struggle strategy (which he can’t even try because he just bought a Maybach). He won his season, but now, in the house with all these stars, does he have enough star power to win again?

Chance of winning the prize money – 9


She has fans that stuck with her through her season, and since then. The housemates might not save her, in fact, some might try to provoke her into earning a strike, but if she keeps her cool and, her fans will get her to the last day.

Chance of winning the prize money – 10, as long as she does nothing to sabotage her game.

Mercy Eke

She’ll most likely leave the house with Big Brother’s money because if we want to put aside the Mercenaries (her fanbase) she seems like a very likable person. If the housemates decide not to save her — because it’s a game and she’s the strongest contender there — and she somehow ends up in the bottom four, she’s still not going anywhere. “No leave, no transfer” Lambo edition.

Chance of winning the prize money – 10

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